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From the archives..."GUILLOTINE II" is a 15" x 22" 3 COLOR screen-print (white, metallic bronze, translucent black) on a thick-stock black paper. Limited to 100, hand-signed and numbered by Andrew. The "II" indicates it is the second print-run of this image. Some minor improvements were made to the image for the second run, including an all-around outside border and refined use of ink overlays. This version was originally released in 2010 but a few more were recently discovered in a neglected flat-file drawer, and so a limited quantity is now available.

Shipped PRIORITY USPS in a 100% recycled mailing tube.
*International Orders: email to request order instructions and shipping costs.*

"THE HANDS OF THE DEAD WILL BALANCE THE SCALES, THE HANDS OF THE CLOCK WILL TIP THEM." Imagery inspired by the French Revolution, and branded with the logo of CTTS. Created using pen and ink, and digital manipulation.